Helpful tips for those learning a foreign language.


Is a psychological attitude so important?

Yes, English for beginners will not seem like an overwhelming burden if there is motivation and the right psychological attitude. Fear of difficulties is not necessary, all of them are solvable.

Of course, any language requires some effort, but think, would English become an international means of communication if everything was so “launched”? Could it spread from Great Britain to Australia, India, Africa, America if it were impregnable? If people master languages ​ ​ such as Japanese, Hindi, Euskara (Basque language), then the complexity of English in comparison with them seems insignificant. Stock up on patience and time – you will need them and do not panic!

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  • Communication
  • Free movement around the world
  • Self-confidence
  • Abundance of information

01. When am I gonna talk?

Oh, this question is undoubtedly familiar to all teachers. Even if you do English for beginners, you will speak in the first occupation! Of course, provided that the methodology is correctly selected. It is necessary to speak at once! Let it not be an advanced level conversation, but you need to immerse yourself in communication without delay.

02. English for beginners: resources solve everything!

In learning English, the lion’s share is decided by educational materials. In addition to traditional printed textbooks, cassettes and discs, do not forget about materials located on the world wide web. On the network you can find many useful resources where you can learn English online, take interactive exercises and tests, learn grammar, phonetics.

Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening.

Experienced teachers know that the more diverse the activities, the more senses involved in the learning process, the better the result. Each occupation should be attended by reading aloud, writing, audiovisual and communication.

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